About Freemasonry

What is Freemasonry ?

Freemasonry is many things to many people. One way to think about Freemasonry is a system of moral instruction that uses symbols and allegories to teach its principles. The legends and myths of old stone cutters and masons have been woven into interesting and effective ways to portray moral truths. In the modern-day context – Freemasonry is an organized society of men which applies the old tools and principles of masonry to the art and science of character building.

What we are NOT

We are not a secret society. We are a society with “secrets” which are accessible to members. Masonic secrets generally deal with methods of initiation, ways to recognize each other and little else. These secrets have been handed down by word of mouth for generations.

We are not a religion. We do not hold specific creed, dogma or priesthood. We require members to place their faith in a Supreme Being.

So, you're interested in Freemasonry... How Do I Become a Mason?

Freemasonry in Arizona accepts only those who come of their own free will after having obtained a favorable impression of our fraternity. There are a few requirements to be met. You must:

  • Be a man over the age of eighteen (18)
  • Believe in a Supreme Being 
  • Live an ethical and moral life
  • Have a strong interest in the fraternity and participate in its activities. 

Becoming a Freemason involves three steps. 

Ask to Join

Express your interest to a Freemason who you know. If you do not know a Freemason, contact the Oriental Lodge #20 for further details. You may also visit us during dinner hour every Tuesday at 6.00PM with the exception of days when the lodge travels to other lodges. Check our Events Calendar or visit us on Facebook to see the events coming up at the Lodge.

Fill Out a Petition

You may file a petition to be accepted as a Freemason after you obtain a favorable opinion of the fraternity. You will be asked to list three Freemasons who you’ve known for at least a period of six months. It is not uncommon for a prospective member to not know anyone in the fraternity. Hence it is not uncommon to wait for six months before filing for a petition. 


Your petition will be reviewed and voted upon in a closed setting. You have to be unanimously voted into the fraternity. The decision of the balloting process is final and irrevocable. The Secretary of the lodge will communicate the outcome of the voting process formally to you. 

Ask to Join
Fill Out Petition
Balloted Upon
Begin Your Journey